UST Mamiya ProForce M40X Graphite Golf Shafts


New for 2021  ProForce Prime M40X

The Legendary ProForce featuring boosted performance with M40X.  
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Our engineers were able to create a lighter, high performance Proforce model with increased strength. Incorporating M40X material into the new shaft design provides significantly improved lateral stability to the shaft during the golf swing. Ultimately delivering increased energy to the golf ball at impact and more consistent release path.

DescriptionFlexWeightTorqueLaunchButt ODTip ODTip ParallelLength
PROFORCE Prime M40X 65 F3R69g4.5°Mid0.600″0.335″3.0″44″
PROFORCE Prime M40X 65 F4S72g4.5°Mid0.602″0.335″3.0″44″
PROFORCE Prime M40X 75 F5X75g3.9° Mid0.604″0.335″3.0″44″


FlexDriver Swing Speed (mph)Driver Carry (yards)
R80 – 95200 – 240
S90 – 105225 – 260
X> 105> 260

Additional information

Weight66 g
Dimensions48 × 2 × 2 cm

M40X 65 F3, M40X 65 F4, M40X 75 F5


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