Aerotech SteelFiber FC115CW Graphite Iron Golf Shafts



With more professional tour wins than any other graphite iron shaft in history, SteelFiber iron shafts are the preferred option by the world’s best. SteelFiber shafts come in many weights and are the only graphite iron shafts to feature Aerotech’s unique SteelFiber technology–combining the power of graphite with the stability of steel.

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No two golfers are alike and no golf shaft is one-size-fits-all. The SteelFiber FC “Flight Control” graphite iron shafts combine the advanced composite technology of SteelFiber with variable tip stiffness–delivering a higher ball flight in the mid and long irons while maintaining the classic SteelFiber launch in the scoring irons.

SteelFiber FC Iron Shaft Models
SteelFiber fc70F442″75g3.2.370″.600″7.5″Progressive
SteelFiber fc70F342″75g3.3.370″.600″7.5″Progressive
SteelFiber fc70F242″75g3.5.370″.600″7.5″Progressive
SteelFiber fc80F442″85g2.9.370″.600″7.5″Progressive
SteelFiber fc80F342″85g3.370″.600″7.5″Progressive
SteelFiber fc90F442″95g2.8.370″.600″7″Progressive
SteelFiber fc90F342″95g2.9.370″.600″7″Progressive
SteelFiber fc90cw*F440″- 36.5″90g2.9-2.4.355″.600″n/aProgressive
SteelFiber fc90cw*F340″- 36.5″90g3.1-2.6.355″.600″n/aProgressive
SteelFiber fc115F542″115g2.8.370″.600″7″Progressive
SteelFiber fc115F442″115g2.9.370″.600″7″Progressive
SteelFiber fc115cw*F540″- 36.5″115g2.7-2.2.355″.600″n/aProgressive
SteelFiber fc115cw*F440″- 36.5″115g2.8-2.3.355″.600″n/aProgressive
*Taper Tip   cw-Constant Weight
SteelFiber fc Iron Shaft Tip Trimming Instructions:
SteelFiber fc700″0″0″5/8″1.25″1 7/8″2.5″3 1/8″3 3/4″4 3/8″
SteelFiber fc800″0″0″5/8″1.25″1 7/8″2.5″3 1/8″3 3/4″4 3/8″
SteelFiber fc900″0″0″5/8″1.25″1 7/8″2.5″3 1/8″3 3/4″4 3/8″
SteelFiber fc1150″0″0″5/8″1.25″1 7/8″2.5″3 1/8″3 3/4″4 3/8″
*All Taper Tip shafts (.355″ tip) are Butt Trim Only
*Tip trim can be adjusted to fine tune playing characteristics.
*Tip trim should not exceed (Parallel Tip – Hosel Depth).
*Perform tip trim and then butt trim to final playing length.


Additional information

Weight115 g
Dimensions42 × 2 × 2 cm

S Flex, X Flex


40.0, 39.5, 39.0, 38.5, 38.0, 37.5, 37.0, 36.5


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