Now Change The Weights In Your Wedges With Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge.  Now you can adjust the wedges weight to control launch angle.
Most golfers understand that a lower center of gravity will create a higher launch angle. However, we found by testing golfers that wasn’t always the same case. Surprisingly what changed most was the spin rate by as much as 1000 rpms with the higher CG position creating a low spin rate. This affects many parameters including carry distance, landing angle and ultimately the amount of roll once the ball hits the green not only on full shots but partial shots as well. 

With the versatile Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedges, golfers can now fine-tune their wedge play to adjust to the type of ball they prefer and to get the ball to land closer to the hole and toward a lower score.

Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedges

Club Type, RH Only
Shaft and Flex

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